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Rama V Atts Surcharge Identifier


The 'Atts Identifier' is an essential tool for all serious collectors of early rama V stamps. It will help you quickly identify your overprinted variety from this very complicated era of postage stamps. The Identifier is a two sided A4 size page printed in full color and laminated with plastic to make more durable. It was first published in the journal of the Siam Philatelic Society in the spring edition 2006, and is only available from franklystamps.com. You can request a file (MS Excel) copy to be sent by email instead of a hard copy, if you prefer.


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How to buy stamps:  Buying is simple. Just browse through the lists making note of the reference numbers of stamps that you want. I use Scott numbers as a base for references. Then return to the home page and list those items in the buying form. Add your name, shipping address and email contact details. I will then send you an email with confirmation of your order and a scan of the actual stamps which you are buying. I will also send a Paypal invoice at the same time. When you are satisfied with everything please pay the invoice and I will ship the stamps to the address provided. I will keep the stamps on hold for you, for a period of 48 hours to give you time to arrange payment. Shipping charges for stamps $3.00 per order.


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